Jeromy Reeves | Top Benefits Of Having Perfect Balanced Diet

Diet is like a fuel to our body. A maximum person thinks that healthy eating is just helping us in physically fitness. But it’s not true. Balanced diet is not only making us physically fit, in fact, it provides us mental health and relaxation also in order to live a fit life and active life.

Benefit of something keeps us motivated towards the same. I am Jeromy Reeves, Fitness Expert and here I would like to share some of the key benefits of having balanced diet that will keep you motivated towards health eating.

1. Lose Fat with healthy Eating:  It is not a rocket science to eat healthy food. It is just to choose healthy option. Use organic food items as much as you can. Extra fats always lead to many health issues like heart diseases, diabetics,  poor bone density and some type of cancers.

Processed food is always having more calories so chose unprocessed one to reduce your calories intake.

Track your calories intake and make your diet chart accordingly. For weight management Fiber can help you much. Increase the fiber and reduce the Junk food.

2. Keeps you active physically and mentally: Right eating choice helps you to keep your body and mind active. It improves your memory and helps prevent dementia and cognitive decline.

3. Strong Immune System:  A perfect balanced diet provides the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep the body and mind healthy.  It helps to increase immunity which act as a shield to protect you from many diseases. 

4. Saves Money: Healthy eating will help you to reduce your medical bills and increase your productivity at work. So even unprocessed food is bit costly but if you see the cost at broad perspective then you will get to know that you are saving much.

5. Perfect sleep: Healthy eating helps you to get proper sleep. It is highly required to have good sleep to get relaxed mentally and physically.

As per me healthy eating should be our habit. Balanced diet is just as a game of adding the healthy elements and subtracting the unhealthy one. Health is the real wealth so take care and have a balanced diet to live a happy, disease free life.

What is the importance to stay Fit and healthy?

What is the importance to stay Fit and healthy?

Jeromy Reeves:- Out todays routine is really hectic and stressful. What we ignoring is our health. Most of us giving more important to our work but lacking to take care of our health. Is it important to stay fit and healthy?

All of us will answer: Yes but after that who actually cares?
It is really necessary to pay attention to your health and fitness. Fitness not just mean Physical health. We need to stay physically and mentally fit. For doing the same we should take daily physical exercise, take nutritious diet and bit entertainment will work to reduce stress.

In case I need to reduce stress then I would love to stay close to nature because it’s peaceful and as per me no one can inspire you more than nature.  It help me to strengthen my soul.


Doing exercise is important.Daily and proper exercise makes you live longer and helps you to spend a quality life. Different physical exercises are there to keep you healthy. Cardiovascular exercise, stretching, strength training and cored stability etc. If you don’t know about the exercising then don’t do it wrong. You can go to Gym or can go through Internet.

Nutritious Diet: Just burning your calorie with physical exercise can make you healthy? No absolutely not. Our body needs nutrient to stay healthy. Take a proper diet. Avoid junk food. I prefer homemade food. Diet should consider required protein, vitamins carbohydrates and minerals etc. I would like to suggest one thing that eating nutritious food is better than eating no food. Eat well and do proper exercise or physical work so that your body can consume the nutrition’s that you have taken through your diet.

For looking slim some people skip their food. As I belongs to fitness industry and would not recommend such practices. So eat health food.

Mental Fitness: Mental fitness one of the important thing that we need to take care of. We are living in such era where most of us having some kind of stress and feels depressed. Is just making muscles is enough? No absolutely not. Keeping your mind stress/depression free is really necessary if you want to live a healthy and happy life. Bit entertainment, have some rest and visit such places that makes you feel good.

I am Jeromy Reeves and spend over 15 years in fitness industry. I would like to suggest that you need to take care of all three components to live healthy and fit life.